My laptop after reloading Windows

Not long ago, my laptop crashed and even my parents weren’t able to open it. My father took it to a shop from where it opened up but there was a teeny-weeny-tiny-winy problem. All my data was lost as it was not saved in D-drive.

I always try to keep my desktop as clean as possible. But when I saw my desktop, everything was gone! But how? Was my laptop too old (well it was 8 years old)? But it worked perfectly. I don’t know what exactly happened (comment down below what you think really happened) but what I know is that my computer had an upgrade and is now better.

Reloading the windows is also the reason I didn’t post childish thoughts #2. Now that my computer is upgraded with the latest software I am going to publish childish thoughts #2 very soon (or not).

Here’s a pro-tip of how to keep your computer clean:

  1. Make a folder on your name (make sure it’s on drive D/ E/ F)

  2. Make folders inside it

  3. Make folders inside the folders

  4. Make folders inside them

  5. And make folders inside the folders on the basis of the topic

In a nutshell-
You make a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder in a folder and that’s 5 folders to be exact.

Bogeyman- a six sentence story

A man sold candies and toys in front of the school. The younger children eyed the colorful stuff but were afraid to go near him because of his scarred face. The older students made fun of him, called him the “Bogeyman”, and scared the younger ones of him. The little boy felt sorry for him, so he saved a few pennies, gathered courage, and bought some candies from him. The man smiled at the boy and when he saw the kindness and sorrow in his eyes, he realized he was just a poor old candy man! The boy started meeting him everyday and now enjoys stories with candies.

Word Prompt-

Childish Thoughts #1 Germ Killer

So, you may remember that I will weekly send a blog called “Childish thoughts” in the beginning of August and today is the first time I’m posting it i.e. 1st August.
Ever wondered why no soaps/sanitizers kill 100.00% germs? Well, I did and decided to create a soap to be used along with the 99.99% germ killer which will kill the remaining 0.01 germs. Too bad I was just 3 years old and had to approximately 30 years old to make 0.01% germ killing soap.
Although I don’t blame the companies because you can never be that accurate to make a 100.00% germ killer but what you can always do is do better.
The little me was a big-thinker and a germ-killer.

One-month of Blogging and More…

Welcome to my ‘Monthly Special’ where I, Manan Shewani, do lots of things like share my success, write something new, etc. I thank you all greatly for reading my blogs and encouraging me to write more and more. I write almost every day which really boosts my imagination.

My family has many writers for example; my mother is a writer and editor in her office. She was the one who created my blog profile and helped me wth my blogs. My mother has explained to me that reviewing and editing is very important.

Being a blogger for a month has been great. Blogging is like painting. You write whatever you want/imagine of. Blogging has become so much a part of my life that I think of blogposts when I am free or when I am cycling or even having a meal.

During the last one month I discovered about story prompts – pictures as well as words. It opened a whole new world for me. I follow Mike’s blog – Stories Matter – and try to write short stories. Since, I am just getting started, I sometimes ask my mother to help and we discuss nice ideas and I write them down. Writing a story in 6-sentences, 50-words, or even 100-words is not easy. It’s a great mental exercise.

In the quarantine, the boring days converted to fun days as I got to spend time with my family. Blogging added to the fun as I saw the number of views, likes, followers, and comments grow. Blogging is not just a hobby now, its an imporant part of my life.

I get lots of appreciation by my family on my blogs and they usually say that I am really talented. Even never thought that from being a student I will become a blogger at at the age of 10. It was actually mind blowing!

I’ve had lots and lots of fun as I get to write in my leisure.

P.S. Please share your ideas for what you want me to do in the next monthly special.

Pliers- A six sentence story

I was sitting in my workshop at dawn wondering how to fix my insomnia. I glanced into the horizon just coming to life and exclaimed, “Neowise, that’s it!” I quickly picked up a pair of pliers from my tool box and plucked it from the sky. I hid the orb, tail and all, in my garage, hoping to change the destiny of the world. They all thought the comet was still on its celestial journey. But it lay there in the dark corner of my garage for another 6000 years, burning within.

Discovering a dictionary

If you had a choice between searching in Google or a dictionary, what will you choose? Some of you may say “Google” without even thinking because it pops-up to you that it’ll be easier. But what if I said that you had to pick a dictionary. You’ll directly think the negative which is, that it’ll be hard to find a word because the print was way too small or there are a lot of pages. First, I’ll tell you a small trick to search for a word in a dictionary. A dictionary is divided into sections like all the words starting with ‘A ‘then ‘B’. Then they are further divided in groups on the basis of second letters. Now, if the word which you’re looking for is “ambidextrous”, the second letter group you’ll go in is of ‘M’. Once you get there, it will most likely be in the first 3 pages because ‘B’ is the second letter in the alphabets. Then voila, search for it.

When you go through a dictionary to search for a particular word, you come through words you never heard! Some people think of a dictionary as just a reference book. A dictionary is full of adventures (literally!).  I come to know so many words! Dictionary is not that practical as any web browsers on World Wide Web but internet is nothing compared to a dictionary as you only see the meaning of the word you’re looking for. Now you may say that”What’s the problem with that?” What about the word adventure? You totally missed it!

What is the most practical and useful according to you? (Write in the comments)

Some fun-
Try to find the meaning of the following words using Google and a dictionary. Which one was faster and which one was more interesting. (Write in the comments with the meanings)

  1. Ambidextrous
  2. Ample
  3. Durst
  4. Dumpling
  5. Dwelling
  6. Dyslexia
  7. Dyke/dike
  8. Dupe
  9. Darn
  10. Vex
  11. Congenial
  12. Eel
  13. Pro
  14. Con
  15. Colour/color
  16. Vibrant
  17. Chrysalis
  18. Chronicle
  19. Chuckle
  20. Aggrandize

Introducing my Latest Segments

So, I was cycling in my society when thought of taking a step higher in blogging and I won’t have to fly through my ideas and thoughts and thinking over and over which one to choose.

Segment #1- Childish thoughts
In this segment, I will write what I thought when I was young and will share them. You can comment to share your childish thoughts. This segment will be held weekly.

Segment #2- I am afraid of……
In this segment, I will be sharing my true fears and why am I afraid of it. Then you may write a story or facts on it but do not exceed 200 words. Leave a link to your blog or write it in the comments. I will select the winner and will release the winner in a blog post. I will also write a reason that why am I afraid of it.

Segment #3- Monthly Special

Okay, so you may know that I am releasing it.

All my segments will start from August.  “Childish thoughts” and “I am afraid of” will be weekly but “Childish thoughts” will not be in the same month as “I am afraid of” which means that “I am afraid of” will technically start from September.

P.S. click here if you don’t know the meaning of segment.

Who Am I?

My name is Manan Shewani. I like to read books particularly thrilling books as they increase our flight of imagination. I have enormous thoughts. I read a lot of encyclopedias. I learned a tad-bit of French from reading an encyclopedia on France. One day, when I was 4-years-old, I dreamt of going to Neptune! I also have a habit of making my hair whenever I feel sad as I have been growing my hair in the lockdown. I started blogging as I wanted to test my writing-skills and I am pretty good. In the lockdown, my imagination increased and I had loads of free time on my hands so I thought to make some use of it. Although as my school started, I don’t get time. Sometimes I manage to write between my classes.